Explanation of Results


VITALITY – Vitality is your life force or constitution. This rating is lowered only when there are long-term health problems present. The ideal rating is 100.

ENERGY-This measures the energy available for your cells to perform tasks every moment of every day It will vary greatly depending on nutrition, stress and your mental and emotional state. The ideal rating is 100.

PATHOLOGY– Pathology is an overall rating between 1 and 5 that Diane assigns to your overall health, 1 being the least healthy rating and 5 being the most healthy rating. Our goal is to progress to a rating of 5. This is a tool to measure your progress.



Inhibitors relate to various influences that could be negatively affecting your body. The most challenging rating is 100. If a rating is indicated, there is evidence of the inhibitor in your body. Your nutrition program will work to eliminate the inhibitor.



This section measures the imbalances in your body chemistry. The most challenging rating is 100. If a rating is indicated, there is an imbalance in that category. Your nutrition program will work to bring the category into balance.


Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted, non-toxic extracts that are made from plants or minerals. They try to strengthen your body’s defense against the symptoms from which you are suffering. Your mouth must be completely empty when taking the remedies. This means no eating or drinking for 5 minutes before and after you take the remedies. The remedy dose is as indicated. If there are both liquids and tablets in your program, take all of the liquids first, each one individually, then take the tablets. The liquid may be dropped directly under the tongue or you may find it easier to count out the dose into a small glass, then place under the tongue. Hold the liquid remedy under your tongue for one minute, then swallow. The liquids cannot be mixed together. Tablets can be taken together if there are more than one. Wait the amount of time it takes for the tablets to dissolve. Wait 5 minutes before eating or drinking.

Homeopathic remedies are very delicate. They are easily deactivated by the smell of coffee (regular or decaffeinated), mint, eucalyptus, camphor, tea tree oil and menthol. Before you start your remedies, check product labels and smell your toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotions. Eliminate those that do not meet these guidelines, including: Vicks, Ben-Gay Mentholatum, Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, ChapStick and Carmex. For toothpaste, Diane recommends Tom’s Toothpaste – Fennel Flavor. This brand can be found at a health food store. Other flavors also available from different manufacturers.

Some nutrition supplements and products contain mint and tea tree oil. Read the label and use your sense of smell.



This section will rate the performance or function of your organs and systems. The most challenging rating is 100. If a rating is indicated, the organ or system is not functioning optimally. Your nutrition program will work to improve the function of the organ or system.


This section could indicate additional notes or suggestions to improve your conditions. Below are a few notes about alternatives Diane MAY suggest:

Ear Candling – This is an age-old technique to clean your ears of yeast, fluid and wax. Ear candles can be purchased from Nutrition Hotline or at any Health Food store. This needs to be done every 3 weeks or as directed.
Cranial-Sacral Adjustment – Soft tissue adjustment that works with the fascia.
Colonics – This is a gentle form of colon irrigation. Years of undigested food and toxins have stockpiled in your colon. When you start clearing the colon, your health will improve and it will speed up the results of a nutrition program.
Air Purification Systems – There are large amounts of toxins in the air. Many people have systems that are overloaded with toxins and they have developed allergies. An air purification system will pull the toxins out of the air.
Distilled Water – This is a must for everybody!