Cellular Approach


Cellular Approach

     Here is a simplified explanation of the cellular testing that is used to put individualized wellness programs together which are specific to each person’s needs. Health issues can be identified long before you will feel or see the symptoms in many cases. For example,  the health of your prostate can be looked at in a more detailed way.

     This is electromagnetic analysis, it measures frequency not chemistry. The body and all things have a vibratory signature. This can be measured. Over 45 years ago, a research group in Germany began to collect data on the frequency of the human body. They approached this from a background of cataloging homeopathic medicine, which has specific frequency or vibration. The purpose was originally to test the validity of homeopathic physician’s diagnosis, which was done purely by an oral interviewing process. By slowly cataloging the frequencies of healthy organs and tissues they were able to see where a sick individual deviated from that norm. Then a specific remedy could be added to the frequency mix and then they would be able to see if that would change the frequency back to the normal range that healthy people have. The patients would be observed to see clinical changes and improvement. It can be done with any body fluid, I use two to double check myself, urine and saliva. Blood can be used, but it is easier to collect the others.

     Slowly this testing made its way to Canada, in the 80’s, and the doctor was fortunate enough to be introduced to it. She apprenticed in Canada, while living across the border and learned how to take the information from the test and design supplement programs, including Shaklee products, homeopathic remedies and new diets to balance out the body. They are able to test the affect food has on the system, and developed a sensitivity and allergic test for 400 common foods, and 300 chemical and environmental substances. The test has been used in the U.S. since 1996, in eight different cities, still as a research tool only, not a diagnostic test

Conference calls  are available, discussing how to get to the cause of a health issue and not just treating the symptoms. The can assist in determining the cause of health issues and designing a personal program to repair your body without drugs.

Explanation of Results

An Explanation of Results Form is provided after receiving results of the testing. Click button below for the explanation of results text from the form.